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Toronto custom metal design and manufactureToronto Brazing and Welding Services


Myriad Metal Designs' expert team are able to meet virtually every brazing and welding need:

  • Brazing for Decorative, Functional and Strength Applications

  • Soldering, including Silver Soldering

  • TIG Welding AC/DC

  • ARC Welding

  • MIG Welding

  • Torch Cutting

  • Plasma Cutting

Whether you require welding, brazing, or soldering, as part of a larger manufacturing job, or simply need a one-time metal repair, the professional brazing and welding team at Myriad Metal Designs will handle your job with both skill and pride. 

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Myriad Metal Designs Offers a Variety of Custom Metal Fabrication Services, Including:

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Wondering about some of the terminology on this page?  Many of our Toronto welding and brazing customers come to us knowing precisely what they are looking for.  If you are not certain what the various terms on this page mean, here is a brief explanation:

ARC Welding - is a form of welding that uses a power a supply to create an electric arc between an electrode and the metal to melt it

TIG Welding - stands for tungsten inert gas welding, a form of arc welding that uses a reusable tungsten electrode, a complex mode of welding preferred for light metals and jobs where the welder requires greater control

MIG Welding - stands for metal inert gas welding, a form of arc welding that uses a consumable electrode and a shielding gas, this is the most common industrial welding technique

Brazing - is a joining process that requires a filler metal to be melted to join other close-fitting metal part together

Soldering - similar to brazing but uses a filler metal that melts at a lower temperature

Whether you are an expert, or need an expert's  advice the welding and brazing team at Myriad Metal Designs will work with you to complete your metal  joining project with skill and a long and proud tradition of quality.

Proudly Serving Metropolitan Toronto, Mississauga - Peel, Durham and York Region

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