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Toronto custom metal design and manufactureToronto Metal Restoration, Repair & Refurbishment

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Over time, your metal pieces may have become worn, broken, bent, tarnished, or even rusted. Myriad Metal Designs can help.  Our skilled craftspeople can help to restore damaged metal and repair breaks to commercial and residential metal fixtures and furnishings.  We can even create replicas of irreplaceable metal parts or components.

Metal Restoration & Repair

Myriad Metal Designs can restore metal pieces by removing blemishes, existing finish, plating or paint.  We can then polish or otherwise refinish the item tometal restoration refinish antique lamp brass bronze GTA its original state or desired alternative finish.

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Pieces that are bent or broken can be reformed to their original state.  Rust damage may be repaired or replaced in sections.  Our skilful metal workers can repair and rebuild moving parts to return machines and fixtures to proper working condition.


Whether you wish to renovate or refinish a large metal structure, or require an artisan's steady hand to restore an heirloom antique, you can rely on Myriad Metal Designs for all of your metal restoration and repair needs.

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Don't Throw Away Your Broken Metal Furnishings and Fixtures...


Myriad Metal Designs can repair, restore and refinish your metal furniture.  Our experienced metal crafters can even recreate matching replicas of antique pieces or their components.

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Let us restore your metal to its former glory, or create a brand new look by changing the finish--it is the environmentally friendly thing to do!


Call Myriad Metal Designs Today!


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Quality, Value, Integrity...

It's Part of Everything We Do!

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Proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area from Bolton, Ontario; Myriad Metal Designs is located near the borders of Metropolitan Toronto and the Regions of Peel and York.  Just off Highway 50, we are convenient to get to, so make an appointment to bring by your damaged or broken metal pieces and we will be pleased to offer you a no obligation quote for repairs, refinishing or restoration.  Don't assume your bent, broken or rusted metal furnishings and fixtures are beyond repair.  Our expert metal craftsmen and women can bring the lustre back to quality metal furnishings, refinish your items for a fresh new look, replace rusted sections, even fabricate missing metal parts and pieces. 


Myriad Metal Designs has worked on countless large-scale metal restoration projects, including the the metal stairs, rail and catwalk pictured above.  This client required additional pickets be added for safety and a number of other renovation and restoration services to make this a safe, functional and attractive home improvement.  On the other end of the spectrum our clients trust us to restore and refinish cherished heirloom antiques of a variety of metals.  Our craftsmen take pride in  restoring corroded, bent, rusted, oxidized, tarnished brass, bronze, silver, copper, wrought iron, steel and a wide variety of other metal fixtures, furnishings and art pieces to their former glory.  Don't throw old metal away when it can be restored to beauty and functionality again.  Myriad Metal Designs can even recreate missing metal parts or pieces that are so damaged they need to be replaced.    We can restore and recreate metal pieces from samples, pictures, drawings and specs. 


Whether you are looking for metal repairs, refinishing, restoration or a facsimile fabrication, contact Myriad Metal Designs, your Greater Toronto Area metal professionals.

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